Some Readership and Writership Balance

I found that it would be pretty hard to get noticed online without my social media. I think I have a pretty large following and most people are interested in what I am posting, particularly when it comes to creative stuff. The blog I have now is more a health and wellness blog as well as personal. But, I have been thinking about starting another blog; it could piss a lot of people and corporations off, which means it’s necessary to be anonymous. I would still need to use my social media to get it out there and bring attention to my new blog, so when I think of Google Analytics I compare how the two blogs would do in my mind and I realize that I’d need to find other means of social medias and attention in the new blog in order to stay anonymous. My Google Analytics has also shown me that a lot of my family and close friends are super interested in my health and wellness blog, as it is a bit more personal, but it would be cool to try and post some of my posts to specific pages on Facebook and see if I can branch out a bit. Using the annotations will help me keep track of what posts I post where, and I can see where the biggest audience is. In my other blog, once it’s created, I wouldn’t want to post too much on other pages on Facebook through my account in particular. However, it would definitely mean I would need a separate Facebook account and Instagram and other social medias. It would be especially cool to keep track of the analytics alongside with the Facebook account and see what people look at more! My blog now is pretty personalized, so I have a few different strategies on how to branch out into more people. For example, I would like to interview a few friends who are also students about their struggles with mental health and gain some perspective and tips with them. This is also another good opportunity to either film or record it as a sort of podcast too. This would also boost online attention because the people I interview will most likely share their stories online and I’ll increase my reach the way.

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