Some Changes

After a wonderful peer review from Ran Bi, the writer of My Hobo Life, I have decided to make a few design changes to my website. After a couple complaints, I have finally figured out how to change pretty much all the text to black so it stands out and everyone can read everything clearly, including the subtitles, the texts, captions, etc.

I will be looking into how to condense the sidebar and make it look a little cleaner, as well as making the text a little larger. However, I have included some ads, as well as trying to include more pictures in my posts, and just in general have added more posts to fill up the page so there is not as much empty space left on the website anymore. And as always, as a health and wellness blog, it is important to have balance.

Again, big shoutout to Ran Bi, who also took some of my suggestions into consideration and has a gorgeous looking blog, check it out:

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