Design; The Naturals, The Ones Just Getting By, And Me

I am split over whether or not to have my picture in the about section. Not sure if it’s too much or if it’s a little inappropriate for the content of the site. It might be kind of cool to be a little more on the anonymous side because I want to appeal to anyone who can relate, or find themselves with my perspective, so I want to keep that open.

My PUB 101 stuff so far is categorized with “Assignments”, “Peer Reviews”, and “Process” categories. The PUB 101 menu in the top left is still being worked on. I’m still figuring out how to link the posts to the menus in the top left corner. The drop-down menu for PUB 101 should have a main page where you can pick from posts, not drop-down for every separate title.

I have installed Instagram, but I need to make it a direct link for people to follow, thanks to Austin Lee’s review. He had some really good ideas on how to improve how my blog looks and I tried to apply some of his suggestions. I changed the background to something more simplistic and relevant, and changed the colour scheme to make it more calming.

I think as I continue to work on it, I would like to play with some more fonts and how things are spaced out. For example, in my About page, the label “About” and the picture for the page are pretty close together. I did change the about picture to something I have taken, and again wanted to create a feeling of someone sitting and listening/reading as they go through my blog and wonder why they are here.

I felt really inspired by Craig Mod’s article, “How I Got My Attention Back”, and I wrote a pretty big piece on it. It can be found here: AWOT stand for A Word or Two, which relates to my tagline at the top of my blog. Hoping people will catch on.

As my blog develops, my goal is to use only pictures that I’ve taken. The top challenge for that will be taking a picture that suits the background of my blog, but over time, I’m sure I will find something.

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