I monetized my site through Google Adsense mostly because I didn’t think it would affect people from reading my content anyways. We ignore ads all the time, and I placed them accordingly throughout my website that won’t interrupt people reading. I downloaded a new plugin called Ad Inserter to make the process easier as well. Other changes I will have to make is to make sure that the ads don’t slow the loading time of my site, interrupt reading, and don’t move anything around where it’s not supposed to be. Also, I will need to filter out certain kinds of ads so nothing irrelevant shows up on my website.

On the self-reflection side of things, when I am asked about my data trails and digital footprint, I definitely haven’t made an effort to minimize my footprint, but I haven’t necessarily just thrown-in the towel either. I’m very aware of the information I’ve put out there, but I am a bit biased. The technology I use everyday has only helped me with my every day life. In fact, more opportunities come to me through all my social medias and activities. I’ve been offered jobs and been contacted by employers through social media. I find that my information is a fair trade-off for using these apps for free. I also just feel no one is really interested in my information unless they just try to sell me things, which hardly works, but I am comfortable with how things are progressing with technology. I love convenience, I love the speed of information, and I think that data is a necessary thing that already exists and we just need to adapt to it because it isn’t going anywhere.

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