My Hobo Life — A Review

A review of Ran Bi’s wonderful blog, My Hobo Life, found at

A first look at this simplistic blog has already gotten me interested via the title. It’s already relatable; I too, feel like a hobo most days out of my Uni life. The title is a wonderful font, and I definitely dig it. There are a couple things Mauve mentioned in class I would edit though; for example, a simple code to fix the text in all of the posts to make it black instead of grey might help with reading the posts and the overall contrast. As well with the colour, it might be better to use a different colour than the yellow/gold. Even though it’s more of a gold, it is still a little faded or difficult to contrast with the rest of the page as it is white. When I scroll down to the Vision board and process piece, the only post I see so far with a picture, the colouring makes sense. If you had this at the top of the page as a featured picture, it would make more sense to have the colour theme that you do! Or even if you used the green or brown in the picture instead of the gold. That is just my opinion though, based off of what we learned in class about design.

When you scroll to the bottom of the page, there is an uncategorized post that WordPress automatically posts for us; “Hello world!”. I would delete it, as it kind of clutters your page. Same with the “Uncategorized” category — just delete it and have the “Posiel” one. Regarding categories, I’d put your “Recent Posts” at the top just because that’s the first thing I’ll look for when I’m first on the website.

I like the Instagram and messenger icons on your main screen, however there’s another Instagram icon in the top right of the website. I’d actually put your search bar up where the smaller Instagram icon is!

I would suggest adding more pictures and try out some more interactive ways to promote your social media and posts; include links and maybe previews of the pictures. Honestly, these little things just come with spending time with it and messing around with all the code. It’s been confusing I know! But these are all suggestions and I am sure you have more planned for this.

A public is the social space created by the reflexive circulation of discourse

— Warner, 2002, p. 120

I think this blog has a lot of potential, particularly in humour. What does it mean to be a “hobo”? Is it the clothing I wear, or perhaps is there a new term for uni students who dress/act like hobos? Many students, especially those who live in res, have felt that they are basically hobos. I’ve literally walked around in my onesie. Am I your “public”, as Michael Warner defined in Publics and Counterpublics (2002) ( Do we veer away from modern capitalism? I would think so, with the term ‘hobo’. We are always prioritizing food and sleep. Either way, I am excited to see where this goes. As you post more, you’ll create your own voice and your own public. Keep it up!

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