Life Itself — Peer Review 1

Austin Lee Blog Review (

I immediately see a gorgeous Beagle doggo. I am already starting to smile and get super excited for dog pictures. I guess all of us dog-lovers are the same. I love how the description under the title is a different font than the rest of the page. The tabs are nicely spaced, and the search bar is discreet. The colour theme so far is eye-pleasing and natural. I almost feel at home. All before I even scroll down!

As I scroll down past the fold, however, the pictures of macaroons and food in a pan seem a little contrary to what the blog is supposed to be about. The search bar widget also seems a little repetitive and unnecessary, as there is already one at the top. Further scrolling leads to another picture of a backpack. I think if you changed up the pictures to something a little more relevant to the specific post Austin, I would get that same homey, excited feeling like I did at the top of the page! The rest of the widgets look fine and organized. I find they are very similar to the setup of mine.

I click on the first post, PBP#2 – Lecture: Chris Kluew. I have to say, I was really looking forward to pictures! I have already mentioned this, and we are still developing our blogs so I’m sure the pictures will come (especially the doggo ones…) I think it would help with the white space a lot with each post I’m seeing and make it aesthetically pleasing to see. Also, I know these posts are filed under PUB 101, but as an outside reader, they might not know what your title for the post means.

Ah, more beagle pictures. I am so happy! I think as her owner, you are the best person to even imitate what she’s seeing, or thinking, if you ever think of doing something more along a first-person (as the dog) point of view. I’m so excited to see how this page, “nature walks with Koby” develops a little more. Would you ever attach a GoPro to her and post the video? Maybe do some narration as her? Just an idea. Also, definitely just followed your beagle’s Instagram page. And you have her point of view in the description too. Love it! This gives her such a cool online identity and I feel like I know her.

So now, in summary, I should say I am very excited to keep up with your blog and Instagram. I think using the two sites can really enhance your online presence, and the use of pictures, video, or whatever other media you end up using will enhance the reader’s online attendance to your site. Like Matthew Stadler (2010) said, you are creating and writing on something you are a fan of, and I can feel that already in your posts and pictures ( I aspire to have my blog and Instagram interact the way yours does!

Unlike how Craig Mod ( wants his attention back from the digital world, I don’t mind giving mine to your blog. I feel like I am experiencing the good ol’ dog life, not just consuming it. Keep it up!

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